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Titanium Zinc Cladding

Zinc, in itself, is a popular and trusted choice of construction material. But, combined with titanium, it gives Zinc an upgrade like no other. Titanium Zinc is a high-quality alloy of zinc, copper, and titanium. The combination of its elements give a product that is highly resistant to corrosion and ranks high in longevity. For this reason, Titanium Zinc is a much sought-after material in Metal Cladding or facade making.

Corrosion Resistance and Endurance

Titanium Zinc is void of any iron, which allows it to be naturally non-corrosive even when exposed to extreme and hard weather and environmental conditions. Copper improves  the material’s tensile strength while Titanium makes the material more resistant to distortion and damage over long periods of time. Titanium Zinc applications can last up to 100 years or even up to 300 years when it is exposed to less erosion.

Sustainability and Low Maintenance

When Titanium Zinc has reached the end of its lifespan, it may still be recycled a limitless number of times. Recycling does not leave any harmful residues or pollutants plus its manufacturing requires minimal energy and has the least CO2 emissions. Its long life is primarily because of the Patina that forms on the surface, which protects the surface from external factors over time.  Titanium Zinc only requires little to no maintenance, which contributes greatly to its high cost-efficiency. But, when erected in the vicinity of bodies of salt water, Titanium Zinc may be prone to discoloration, moisture, and chalking so it is best to discuss the best maintenance and care with your material providers.

Room for Creativity

Titanium Zinc is exceptionally malleable or easy to shape. It allows you to exercise your creativity and freedom to create intricate forms, shapes, and molds to improve the appearance of any product you make. Its malleability and flexibility does not compromise its durability and robustness as a construction material. Exuding a natural industrial look with its hues and tones of grey, it is a popular choice among builders, architects, and homeowners, alike. If you are not satisfied with the natural tones, you can now choose from an array of titanium zinc colors that can make your masterpieces come to life. 

If you are looking for aesthetic flexibility and strength with a touch of modern elegance, this is the best material for you!


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