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With over 200 years of history and its humble beginnings in France, VMZinc has taken a strong foothold in the roofing industry. Its popularity spread like wildfire across nations and has reached Australian shores because of its remarkable quality. The increasing demand for natural and sustainable materials in roofing and wall cladding has led to the simultaneous demand for VMZinc products. 

VMZinc product range includes sheets, coils, and manufactured products and systems. Their products are made of zinc, copper, and titanium alloys that give outstanding mechanical and physical properties for its applications.

Mechanical and Creep Resistance

When Titanium Zinc is mixed with copper, it increases the mechanical resistance of the alloy. A higher mechanical resistance means that VMZinc does not break easily even under extreme external mechanical forces or pressure. The addition of Titanium into the alloy increases its creep resistance, allowing pronounced thermal expansion and contraction over a long period of time, without resulting in metal deformities.


VMZinc provides a malleability like no other. Artistic architectural designs, no matter how intricate and complicated, are perfectly executed with VMZinc. This allows architects to take their artistic expression to greater heights because they can shape, bend, and mold it to suit and fit even the tiniest corners, offering one of the best building solutions in the market.

Fire Retardant

VMZinc is non-combustible or has a lower probability of burning under high temperatures. It is also considered as a Fire Retardant and slows down the spread and lowers the intensity of a fire. VMZinc gives you an additional barrier of protection for your properties and the people who reside in it.


VMZinc does not contain any iron in its material or is non-ferrous. This makes VMZinc non-corrosive or less reactive to harsh and unfavorable weather conditions over a period of time. The exposure to carbon dioxide and humidity creates a layer of zinc carbonate or patina on the surface that gives its unique charm. These properties make applications last up to 100 years.


VMZinc is sustainable and environment-friendly. Its durability gives it a lifespan of up to 100 years, reducing maintenance and replacement cost.  Zinc is 100% non-toxic and recyclable without compromising its quality. Also, it has a smaller carbon footprint because production and recycling of zinc requires less energy consumption. 

VMZinc is the perfect material of choice for builders who want the best of both worlds, in aesthetics and in quality.

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