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Snaplock is becoming more and more popular. The sleek profile of Snaplock is perfectly adapted to new architectural developments. Snaplock’s simpler installation method, which resembles Standing Seam but does not require specialist gear, has become a popular alternative for installers and builders who do not have access to Standing Seam seam closure equipment. Snaplock panels are meant to “snap” together, making installation a breeze.

Rib Heights Pan Widths Panel Length Fire Rated
25 mm or 38 mm rib heights (from base to rib top)
165 mm to 525 mm pan widths, rib to rib (material and rib height dependent)
Up to 9000 mm long panels (material dependent)
a fireproof substrate will be required

Snaplock Pro's

  • When compared to other cladding materials, it requires very little care
  • Within the same facade, mix fixed panel widths with random patterns
  • Custom pan widths can be provided for more design flexibility
  • Snaplock and Nailstrip systems have an attractive vertical fin
  • Residential and Commercial applications
  • Installers and/or builders without sufficient seam closing tools can install snaplock without needing the sophisticated closing tools

Available Materials

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised steel

Available Brands

  • Colorbond
  • Zincalume


A construction-grade substrate is required for all Snaplock applications. When working with zinc, a constant ventilation gap of 20 mm beneath the substrate is required for wall cladding applications, and a 40 mm gap is required for roof installations (note, this is for zinc only). Before laying cladding panels, the substrate should be encased with a moisture-proof membrane. Each panel must be secured to the membraned substrate using approved stainless steel clips and countersunk screws.

Custom Sizing

Panel widths and lengths can be varied depending on the material.   Inquire about on site custom sizing with Architectural Cladding Melbourne if the sizing on our website does not suit your needs.  If you’re planning to use Snaplock in a non-standard application, check with us to make sure all of the aspects are viable.


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