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Aluminium Cladding

Cladding provides buildings with proper thermal insulation, weather-resistance, and a unique appearance. Aluminium is fast-becoming one of the most in-demand materials for roof and wall cladding in the industry for obvious reasons. It is multi-functional because of its effectiveness in thermal, sound, and wind insulation plus, it also contributes to earthquake safety and fire resistance.


Aluminium is top-notch in providing creative solutions because it is more flexible and easier to mold versus other materials. You can have it cut, molded, sheared, bent, punched, or drilled any way to suit your needs. It is also widely available in various shapes, colors, and sizes so you can have stunning and unique designs completed without sacrificing its functionality and structural integrity. 

Multiple Functions and Benefits

Aluminium panels are non-corrosive and water-proof because they are pre-treated to keep its surface protected. Since aluminium is non-combustible, non-flammable, and thermal resistant, it cannot catch fire and does not conduct heat quickly, reducing fire related damages. Aluminium Cladding can withstand extreme weather conditions such as cold and heat waves and strong rains and wind, which make these panels last for up to 30 years.


Aside from its longevity, this material is very environmentally-friendly because it does not lose its properties over time and is 100% recyclable. In comparison to steel, Aluminium is 66% lighter in weight that makes installation a breeze and less-prone to earthquake damage. 

Cost- efficient

Compared to other materials, Aluminium ranks high in functionality while simultaneously achieving high cost-efficiency. It requires no other maintenance other than periodic cleaning, which results in a lower maintenance cost in the long run. Its excellent insulation properties also allow you to save and lessen your energy consumption that lead to lower energy costs. 

All of our Aluminium cladding is uniquely designed to cater to all of your needs and specifications to ensure that your concepts come to life, down to the last detail! Let your creativity flow as you choose from a wide-range of paint and finishing choices, as well as get the shapes that you desire to create a long-lasting work of art. Only the highest quality aluminium is used while applying the best cutting-edge technology and techniques to deliver only the best!


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