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Standing Seam

Standing Seam delivers a conventional, polished aesthetic with maximum versatility. Other systems can’t achieve detailed designs like Standing Seam. The concealed anchoring mechanism of the system is excellent for dramatic residential and commercial architecture facades.

We recommend experienced cladding specialists install Standing Seam, who own and understand the specific seam closing tools required for proper installation. This is where Architectural Cladding Melbourne come in.


Standing Seam and Snaplock have similar aesthetics to Nailstrip. Owner builders, rookie installers, and people who desire an architectural ‘look’ without difficult installation details love Nailstrip because of its ease of use.


A smooth, modern profile design for a Stylish system. The dramatic express joins and flat appearance of interlocking cladding creates a sleek and clean looking facade in modern architectural structures. 

Interlocking’s enormous tray widths and variable express connects, which are solely suitable for wall cladding, allow for the creation of unique and different wall solutions.

Flat Lock

Flat Lock Panels are a basic yet appealing cladding option that gives a horizontal or vertical flat seam comparable to shiplap. On all four sides, the method uses a basic interlocking fold.

This approach is applicable for any structure up to 30 meters in height. The hidden clips are used to install the pre-formed panels.

Standard panel widths for Aluminium or Colorbond are 330mm, and for Zinc, they are 430mm. These are designed to minimize wastage owing to coil widths (wider panels are available but may result in distortion or oil-canning). The maximum panel length is 3 meters.

Recessed Flat Lock

Elegant method that produces a smooth surface with a faint negative detail.
Because the panel is folded with a recess and an additional layer of 7mm plywood below the recess, it is a versatile solution with maximum resistance. Material wastage is kept to a minimum, making it cost-effective.

Fully waterproof, with all features and panel connections designed to take use of the material’s inherent water resistance.

Snap Lock

The sleek profile of Snaplock is perfectly adapted to new architectural developments. Snaplock’s simpler installation method, which resembles Standing Seam but does not require specialist gear, has become a popular alternative for installers and builders who do not have access to Standing Seam seam closure equipment. Snaplock panels are meant to “snap” together, making installation a breeze.

Custom Cladding

Do you have a space where regular cladding profiles may not be suitable? We do have customer metal cladding capabilities. Custom cladding is analysed on a case by case basis, and it costs you nothing to enquire, simply discuss your case with one of our team members and we will look into a solution for you and your project.


In Melbourne, our most popular cladding profiles

Standing Seam
Flat Lock

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