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Zincalume® Steel Cladding

Zincalume® Steel is one of the most in-demand materials for wall cladding. It has set the industry’s benchmark when it comes to toughness, reliability, durability, and sustainability.


Made from a combination of aluminium, zinc, and silicon, its life cycle is four times longer than regular galvanised steel or over a hundred years. It is non-corrosive or highly resistant to corrosion, which greatly extends its lifespan. Zincalume® Steel uses Activate®, a unique technology that adds magnesium into the zinc, aluminium coating. This produces a stronger steel with a more protective layer that is less susceptible to scratches and surface damages during installation. Because of this, it also makes it robust and secure enough to stand up to any kind of weather and environmental condition.


Environmental sustainability is a must in the manufacturing of steel. Zincalume® Steel’s long lifespan is due to the use of  Activate® technology because it utilizes less metal resources and energy when it is produced. Less resources and energy equate to leaving a smaller environmental or carbon footprint. 

Ease of Installation and Use

Zincalume® Steel’s installation and application is simple and trouble-free. Its advanced coating technology allows ease of painting. Although Zincalume® Steel comes only in a standard aluminum color, its surface can be painted to the color that you desire. Think of it as a blank canvas, waiting to be completed by the next Picasso! If you want it simple, you can also use Zincalume® Steel as it is, no additional treatment needed. Zincalume® Steel also has high forming capabilities, which make bending, folding, and pinching a lot more convenient. Installation is a breeze because  Zincalume® Steel is lightweight. 


Zincalume® Steel offers the highest quality without breaking the bank. Its quality is at par with other roofing materials while its cost is lower than most. In addition to its cost efficiency, Zincalume® Steel provides up to 36 years of warranty with the inclusion of properties close to the sea. 

You get the most out of your money with Zincalume® Steel! No compromises on quality, style, durability, and on environmental sustainability while keeping your costs at a low. Contact us for a quote and for more information!

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