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Galvabond® Cladding

Galvabond® is the product of BlueScope, a global leader in the construction industry as a supplier of steel products and solutions. Their current markets include Australia, New Zealand, and the US. Galvabond® is made from hot-dipping steel in zinc to create an extra layer of protection to produce galvanized steel perfect for different kinds of applications.


Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) offers three layers of corrosion resistance to steel: barrier protection, cathodic protection, and the zinc patina. The first layer offers basic protection against external elements, the second layer becomes a “sacrificial metal” and will be subjected to damage to protect the surrounding zinc, and the last layer is naturally formed through atmospheric oxidation to stagnate its corrosion rate and provide an environmental barrier against the elements.


Galvabond®’s durability is unbeatable and has been proven over time. Its coating gives the sheet a high abrasion resistance or the ability to resist wear from contact with other surfaces. It offers equal protection and comprehensive coverage. The galvanizing process ensures that all sides, corners, and spaces are protected and rust-free. Galvanized steel can last for up to 70 years under the harshest environmental conditions even without maintenance.


Galvabond® is versatile and malleable. It can be bent, formed, molded, shaped, and easily welded to meet any design and style that you wish for. It provides its clients with artistic freedom and a venue to exercise their creativity to make one-of-a-kind structures that exude a modern flair.

Cost Effective

Compared to other coatings, the initial manufacturing cost of galvanized steel is lower because it is less labour intensive. Galvabond® needs little to no maintenance once it is installed. Dirt, dust, and salt water residue can be easily removed by periodically washing it with water. No special treatments are required, which reduces labor and operational costs effectively.


Zinc is a natural element abundantly found in air, earth, and water. It is 100% recyclable with its properties left unscathed even after recycling. The procurement, manufacturing, low-maintenance, and recycling of Galvabond® utilizes highly reduced amounts of energy and resources, which also lessens waste products and emissions.

Galvabond® Steel Range

Galvabond® Steel comes in several product grades: G2 and G2S Steel, and G3N and G3N S Steel. Your choice of product grade will depend on the requirements of your project or applications.

Steel Efficiency Review®

Customer service is equally important as product quality. When you purchase Galvabond®, BlueScope assists all its clients in choosing the right products and offers recommendations that match their needs and budgets. 

Galvabond® is used in different commercial industries and applications and has become a very popular choice for many. It has an untainted reputation of durability, versatility, strength, and sustainability that exceeds international standards, making it the best choice for you.

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