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Steel Cladding

Steel Cladding offers architectural structures with protection from environmental calamities, pollution, and possible damages caused by strong winds and rain.

Non- combustible

By nature, Steel is a non-combustible material. It will not burn, won’t add fuel to a fire, or become a source of ignition that may cause fires to spread massively. It also has a high melting point of up to 1500°C so it does not melt in structural and bush fires.

Strength and Durability

Steel Cladding gives buildings extra defense against all the natural elements like wind, fire, water,and freezing and burning temperatures because of its strength. Its resistance to compression and tension plus its ability to bend without cracking or breaking demonstrates some of steel’s best qualities.

Low Maintenance

Compared to a painted surface, cladded structures need only very little to no maintenance at all. It only needs to be washed with clean water periodically to retain its aesthetic quality. Low Maintenance translates to lower maintenance costs, which makes it the best choice for those who are looking for both quality and cost-efficiency.

Eco- friendly and Sustainable

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, steel cladding is also a top choice. Steel can be recycled even after its lengthy use. Its lifecycle can reach up to 6 decades while its quality does not diminish over time. Plus, less processing of the material is required before reusing it lessening energy consumption and chemical wastes.

Tasteful and Artistic Style

Steel Cladding can drastically and dramatically transform structures to suit all your creative needs and visions. It makes buildings have that eye-catching appeal and charm that a simple paint job cannot achieve. Customising is also possible by selecting the right colors and textures from a wide array of choices!


Colorbond® is a steel core coated with a layer of lead-free paint. It is not just simply “painted steel” because it offers the best protection and durability for your homes and buildings that simple paint cannot give. Proudly Australian, Colorbond® has been used in homes for over 50 years! Why? Colorbond® is specifically made to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions. It has undergone multiple testing such as corrosion, durability, exposure, and application testing for all applications to meet Australia’s strict standards of grade and strength. Colorbond® is sustainable because it contains recycled properties and it is 100% recyclable even after its long lifecycle. Coined thermally efficient, Colorbond®’s steel range uses Thermatech®’s solar reflectance technology, which reduces heat stress on the structure by reflecting the sun’s rays. You can choose from an impressive range of colors to match your every project and design. Backed up and made by BlueScope, one of Australia’s biggest manufacturers, you are assured that the highest quality is delivered accompanied by an equally excellent service.


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