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Galvanised Steel Cladding

Galvanised Steel comes from galvanising or applying a layer of zinc to protect steel or iron from corrosion. It is included in the list of the most popular steel variants because of its reliable durability and strength with the ability to evade corrosion due to its zinc and iron coating. Able to handle multiple applications, extreme weather conditions, and even salt water environments, Galvanised Steel is considered a prized material in the industry. Not only does it fulfill various functions, it also exudes a real, no-holds barred, and raw aesthetic that is appreciated by all.

Reliability and Durability

One of the most effective types of corrosion defense is galvanised coating.  A galvanised coating with a thickness of an A4 sheet can easily protect a structure for almost 100 years and can offer resistance to transport, installation and service damages. The galvanising process is simple and straightforward – its coating is consistent and the result is predictable. Unlike merely painting layers, galvanising creates a metallurgical bond that makes its layer become a part of the steel itself. The galvansed coating’s thickness can also be adjusted depending on your structure’s needs.

Long life

Galvanised steel has  a long life expectancy and can reach up to 50 years. Even with great exposure to the different elements of nature and extreme weather conditions, Galvanised Steel has the capability to withstand it for up to 25 years. Other types of coatings may have residual contaminants that can highly compromise its quality, lead to chipping, and may cause early failure. Over a period of time, its shiny finish may change to a more dull color as the surface reacts with external elements but its strong protective layer does not diminish.

Low Maintenance Cost

Galvanised steel is thought to initially cost more against other materials. However, galvanised steel is relatively less costly in the long run. Galvanised Steel requires less maintenance as it has the excellent capability to withstand all the elements and protect it from corrosion. In addition to this, the costs of painting constantly increase while galvanising costs have remained fairly stable over the years, making it the best choice for your cladding needs.

Complete Coverage

When steel is galvanised through hot-dip galvanising, the zinc coating seeps into all the tiny cracks, corners, and even the most unreachable and trickiest places, Even the hollow parts are coated entirely, which makes the structure more protected and non-corrosive from the inside and out.

Quick Installation

Galvanised Steel is instantly ready to use once it is received.  Other materials consume extra time in on-site surface preparation, coat painting, and multiple inspections. Most often, when the structure is completed, it is immediately ready for use or ready for the next step of the building process. 

If you want a sleek and high-class look with the highest protection and sturdiness, Galvanised Steel is the material for all your cladding and roofing needs.


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