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Zintek® Cladding

Zintek® is the product of Zintek Srl, an Italian company that specializes in, manufactures, and sells architectural zinc-titanium products. Zintek Srl provides its clients with high-quality products and assists them from the consultation during the design phase up to the installation itself. This enables them to help their clients maximize the unique features of their products to ensure a long lasting and environmentally sustainable structure.


Zintek® is a combination of zinc, copper, and titanium. The inclusion of copper greatly increases its tensile strength, or its resistance to lengthwise stress. It will not break easily when pulled apart by large amounts of force. The addition of titanium improves overall resistance from deformation. Together, they increase the resistance while decreasing  the expansion coefficient of the alloy.

Non- Corrosive and Durable

Zintek® has a surface that is non-reactive to atmospheric oxidation. Its surface naturally forms a layer of zinc carbonate or patina that provides extra protection for your structures, lengthening its lifespan for up to 100 years. Because it is non-corrosive, its surrounding materials are not affected by surface stains because they are easily washed away by rainwater.  Even with harsh weather conditions and changing climates, Zintek® promises to deliver durability in keeping your structures stable and unchanged over time.

Low Maintenance

Zinc, titanium, and copper alloys like Zintek® are very low in maintenance. There is no need to purchase  expensive chemical solutions or hire special maintenance workers to keep your structures in perfect condition. Dust, soil, and salt residues are easily removed by washing with plain water. This contributes to a great reduction in overall maintenance and labor costs, making the use of Zintek® very cost effective.


Molding, shaping, bending, and shaping are easier with Zintek®’s high malleability and workability. No corners and tiny spaces are left undone, ensuring consistency in design application of any structure.


Like most zinc, titanium, and copper alloys, Zintek® is very sustainable. Its material can be recycled completely for an infinite number of times without compromising its properties and quality. Since Zinc is a natural metal, the procurement and processing of Zintek® utilizes less energy versus other metals. Zintek® is also certified and compliant to all environmental standards, which make it less susceptible to adding to pollution and toxic waste.


Zintek® opens new doors for architectural creativity and expression with its diverse range of colors and surface finishings. It is available in Mediterranean Blue, Lagoon Green, Antique Red, Natural Earth Brown, Graphite Black, and Rock Grey. While its surface finishings are available in Urban Natural, Urban Pre-weathered, EXA 16 Natural, and EXA 16 Pre-weathered. You can mix and match these options to create the most stunning design for your structures. Because it is solely produced by Zintek Srl, your projects will emit that exclusivity and uniqueness that others cannot offer. 

If you are looking for modern and classic styles combined with state-of-the-art techniques and applications, choose Zintek®. You get beautiful, authentic, sustainable, and durable structures that last a lifetime.

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