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Stainless Steel Cladding

Steel Cladding is the practice of wrapping or cladding carbon steel with a thin layer of Stainless Steel. Two different kinds of metals are infused together by pressing or exuding the two metals under very high pressure. This type of cladding has a reputation of being very durable, strong, and resistant to extreme environmental conditions.

The advantages and benefits of using Stainless Steel outweighs its cons, which is the reason why many industries prefer to use Stainless Steel in various applications.

Corrosion and Temperature Resistant

Steel’s chromium content of 10.5% gives it a more advanced resistance to rusting as compared to other kinds of steel. The amount makes it greatly more resistant to rusting by around 200 times more in comparison to the types of steel without chromium. It can even withstand alkaline solutions and chlorine-bearing environments. Stainless Steel can also resist high temperatures from 700 °C up to 1,200 °C and can also survive the lowest temperatures while maintaining its strength.

High Tensile Strength and Durability

High Tensile Strength is the ability of the steel to stand or undergo the maximum amount of stress before it breaks. Because Stainless Steel contains alloys like chromium and nickel, its tensile strength increases dramatically compared to regular steel. Its high tensile strength also translates to durability. It can stand up to multiple kinds of conditions and impacts, therefore avoiding the chance of severe damage. The result is a consistent end product with a life expectancy of up to 50 years.

Easy Formability and Fabrication

When a sheet metal is easily shaped without cracking or necking, it has good formability and is easier to fabricate. With the right type of machines, you can manufacture almost any shape that you desire to satisfy your hunger for creativity!

Modern Look

Stainless Steel offers a modern and sleek finish for all your applications. You can also choose from a wide variety of surface finishes to customize all your application needs. Once used, it does not need to be treated or painted because its luster and shine remains with minimal maintenance.


Environmentally, the stainless steel sector has shown to be highly beneficial. This is because it conserves primary energy, conserves nonrenewable resources, and reduces waste. Stainless Steel production and fabrication is very straightforward and its products are up to 60% recyclable even after the end of its lifespan. 

Stainless Steel offers you the best of all worlds: high durability, strength, sustainability, and a sleekness that is truly high-class!


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