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UniCote® Lux

UniCote® Lux, produced by Selection Steel, is a range of pre-painted patterned steel products that provide an unparalleled sense of luxury. A leader in the global innovation of pre-patterned steel, UniCote® Lux was designed and manufactured to meet the highest architectural standards while combining the world’s top best coil coating technology. It has undergone rigorous and numerous testing to develop a product that performs beyond expectations in Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Its luxurious designs, shades, and patterns exude a grandeur like no other.

Fire and Impact Resistance

UniCote® Lux is steel that is coated with an aluminium, zinc, and magnesium alloy. The combination of these elements make the material highly durable, non-combustible, and impact resistant. UniCote® Lux products’ superior coating makes it resistant to fires, which result in a significant non-contribution to fires. Even when struck with great force or impact or bent up to 5 times the sheet thickness , there is very little to no damage on the surface paint adhesion.

QUV Resistance

UniCote® Lux has gone through QUV testing or accelerated weather testing wherein the materials are subjected to regulated, high temperatures, and alternating cycles of ultraviolet radiation and moisture. It has excellent color retention properties even with temperatures reaching up to 100ºC. You are 100% assured of protection for your structures from Australia’s harsh sun and UV rays and humidity.

Scratch Resistance

UniCote® Lux is scratch resistant. During a needle test, no surface marks or scratches were left behind after a needle attached to a 2kg weight had been dragged on its surface. You don’t have to worry about incurring damages during installation or storage!

Made for Australian Climate

Because UniCote® Lux was made to endure the changing climate and extreme environmental conditions of Australia, you are guaranteed extra security, durability, and superior performance in all your applications.

Wide selection of Patterns and Colors

Its extensive array of design, finishes, and colors offer its clients a very unique design flexibility and versatility. All of your clients’ aesthetic needs can be met without sacrificing quality and durability. Its finishes include Ashwood, Pentagon, Silver Quartz, Zinc Graphite, Weathered Iron, Corten Red, Spectrum, Saffian, and Metal Stone. 

Because each UniCote® Lux product is distinct, product warranties are tailored accordingly.  UniCote® Lux is the right choice for people who want top-notch quality, performance, longevity, and a high-class look that sets you apart from everyone else.

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