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Rheinzink Cladding

Rheinzink is the product of years of thorough research, continuous innovation, and expertise. Started by Herbert Grillo in the 1960s, he sought out new technology to develop the manufactured zinc sheet to meet the changing demands of that time. It was in the smelting, casting, and rolling of zinc sheets that he realized his vision. They went on to develop technology unique to their company, the pre-weathering system for bright rolled construction zinc. It remains up to this date, Rheinzink’s strongest selling point. 

Rheinzink is now one of the world’s top brands for architectural zinc or titanium zinc. Rheinzink’s most distinguishing characteristic is its ability to naturally form a blue grey patina after countless exposure to atmospheric oxidation. Its products are widely used across different industries in the form of roofing, wall cladding systems, and roof drainage systems.

High-quality materials

True to its promise to deliver the highest quality, Rheinzink only uses the best German-made zinc that exceeds industry standards. Rheinzink combines 99.95% pure zinc with titanium and copper to enhance its properties, The addition of copper increases the mechanical resistance while the addition of titanium increases thermal expansion and contraction capacity. This lowers the probability of dents, breaks, and deformities during installation and application.

Durability and Stability

Rheinzink developed a one of a kind technology that allows the material to naturally form a patina that is self-healing. This surface makes the material non-corrosive, resistant to harsh climates, invulnerable to mold and algae, which contribute to its reputable longevity and durability. Its standard lifespan reaches up to 75 years.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Zinc is an essential trace element for all living things, making it extremely eco-friendly. Rheinzink’s line of products are 100% recyclable and its market value, chemical, and physical properties do not decrease like other materials after recycling. The patina forms naturally, which lessens energy utilized in the manufacturing of Rheinzink products. As a  result, it lowers the carbon footprint and lessens the overall impact on the environment.

Cost Effective

Because Rheinzink is highly proven durable and of premium quality, it requires little to no maintenance. No special chemical treatments or additional labor are needed in its upkeep.This eventually keeps maintenance costs at a low, benefiting your clients greatly.

Flexibility through diversity

Rheinzink offers a remarkable and diverse variety of roofing, facade cladding, roof drainage, and architectural detailing applications. Choosing natural surfaces and neutral colors helps the material to adapt to its surroundings while also providing a canvas for your creativity. Numerous installation techniques and systems complement all its products.


Rheinzink’s product line is large-scale, including: Pre-Patina, Classic, Granum, and Prismo. It is also malleable so that it can be fabricated into the shapes, sizes, and molds that you want for your applications. You can customize and explore your creative freedom with a quality like no other! 

Rheinzink also provides superior customer service as they guide you from consultation, purchase, installation, and attend to after service care until end of the product’s life.

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