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Brass Cladding

The popularity of Brass is reflected in its long history because its use dates back to prehistory. It has been used for decor because of its luxurious gold-like color and brightness. Also, due to its special properties, it has been widely used to make utensils, machines, instruments , and is used for construction material.

What is Brass?

Brass is a copper and zinc alloy with variable proportions that may be used to create different mechanical, electrical, and chemical characteristics. Its copper and zinc proportions make brass a very durable, strong, and long-lasting material.


Compared to Bronze or Zinc, Brass is more malleable. Brass is a reasonably straightforward material to cast due to its low melting point (900 to 940 °C, 1,650 to 1,720 °F, depending on composition) and flow properties. The characteristics of the brass may be altered by changing the amounts of copper and zinc, allowing for hard and soft brasses. This is the reason why brass can be formed into various shapes, cut into different sizes, and molded into your desired structures.


Because Brass is naturally combined with non-ferrous metals like copper and zinc, it makes it a relatively non-corrosive material that does not require additional corrosion protection. While brass is less corrosion- resistant than other copper alloys, its durability is more than enough to speak for itself. Due to oxidation, Brass is easy to tarnish and may become dull over time, which may affect appearance but this does not have any effect on its performance.

Antimicrobial properties

The surface of brass is antimicrobial. The copper molecules contained in brass have the capability to produce ions that attack a particular kind of protein in single-celled organisms. In simpler terms, it has the natural ability to kill and stop the growth of dangerous microorganisms in the shortest period of time – with a high rate of efficiency.

High-class look

Brass has a natural gold-like color and luster that makes anything look very pleasing and grand to the eye. Also depending on the proportions of its properties, its color spectrum may range from red, yellow, gold, brown, bronze, and silver. You get that high-class, charming, and sophisticated look without overspending! 

All of these characteristics make brass one of the top choices for all your cladding applications. Brass does not only deliver durability, strength, multiple-functionality but also delivers a unique charm, sophistication, and a level of class that does not disappoint.


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