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Elzinc® Cladding

Elzinc® is a range of products created by Asturiana de Laminados S.A, a Spanish company dedicated to supplying zinc materials all over the world, in 2006. It ranks as one of the top 3 producers of architectural zinc strips and sheets to over 35 countries across the globe. Armed with a commitment and drive for innovation, you are assured of only the highest quality zinc partnered with excellent service and support. 

ElZinc® is an architectural zinc metal utilized as a construction material. Its composition of 99.99% zinc combined with ample amounts of copper and titanium result in a highly durable, robust and long lasting product suitable for all kinds of applications.


The life expectancy of Elzinc®’s application ranges from 80 to 100 years. It is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and its exposure to different elements create a self-protective layer on the surface called patina, which reduces the risk of corrosion. These properties secure and safeguard the structure over a longer period of time.


ElZinc® has a high level of malleability or capability of being shaped and formed using different kinds and amounts of force. It can bend, be molded, and formed into any kind of shape, which allows architects artistic freedom in their masterpieces while retaining durability and strength.


Because ElZinc® is made primarily of Zinc, it is naturally sustainable and eco-friendly. Zinc is 100% recyclable and can be manufactured into other stunning products and used in other applications without quality compromise. It is a natural metal that requires a considerably less amount of energy during manufacturing and recycling, which results in less damage to the environment.

Cost Effective

Zinc is a low-maintenance material. It does not require vigorous and frequent cleaning but requires a periodic wash with water to remove dirt, salt water residue, fingerprints, etc. Less frequency combined with the usage of inexpensive cleaning materials generates a lower maintenance cost over time.

Aesthetics and Variety

ElZinc® comes in a variety of fresh and vibrant colors that has won the hearts of architects and builders in all sectors, including the high class sector. Architects can now create both modern and classy designs and make all their creative ideas come to reality. ElZinc® is available in Rainbow®, Slate®, Graphite® and Alkimi® finishes to suit all your building and design needs. 

Satisfy your creative thirst with ElZinc®! On top of style, it also delivers superior quality and durability.  It also offers lifetime warranties for its products, which guarantees product assistance and top customer care, too!

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