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Colorbond® Steel

Colorbond® Steel is proudly an Australian brand. WIth over 50 years of experience in the industry, the makers of Colorbond® Steel have mastered the art of creating a kind of steel that adapts to Australia’s harsh and changing environmental conditions. With that said, it is a popular choice among architects and home builders because of its inherent qualities.

Durable and Built for Australian Conditions

Colorbond® Steel is a kind of steel with a zincalume core that is top- coated with a lead-free paint. It has been made and tested against Australia’s extreme weather changes and environment. All products have undergone durability, application, and outdoor exposure tests and simulations to ensure that it does not fade, chip, or break easily under extreme pressure. Its base coat is made with the Activate® technology, BlueScopes’s renowned metallic coating technology, which increases corrosion resistance and protection.

Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly

Created with energy efficiency in mind, the Colorbond® Steel range uses the unique Thermatech® solar reflectance technology in creating all their products. This technology allows the reflection of the majority of the sun’s rays on scorching days while it decreases the amount of heat stress your roof receives, which creates a cooler home or building with less energy use. Most products also take into consideration sustainability before they manufacture a product. Colorbond® Steel is made using recycled materials and is also 100% recyclable. Its long life cycle means that less energy and resources are consumed in production. Even if its lifespan is over, it can still be recycled to manufacture other high-quality products.


Because Colorbond® Steel is non-combustible, it has become a sought- after material in bushfire prone areas. Even under high heat temperatures, Colorbond® Steel does not ignite or burn easily, offering more protection for your homes, buildings, and family.

Low Maintenance Costs

Nordic Copper only requires minimal maintenance. It is advisable to clean copper facades with cold water using a low pressure washer at least once a year. This lowers your maintenance labor and material costs drastically.

Low Maintenance Cost

High maintenance costs are avoided when using Colorbond® Steel. No special chemicals and tools are needed to maintain the upkeep of your structures. You only need clean and cold water to wash down your facades and structures when needed. If you live in areas close by the sea, maintenance is needed at least every 6 months to prolong its durability and lifespan.  Colorbond® Steel is also less prone to debris, soil, and dust build-up, which lessens the need to clean it often.

Array of Colors

Colorbond® Steel offers numerous colors to choose from. You can select from its Contemporary, Classic, Matt, Fencing, and Ultra ranges to fit all your design needs. 

If you want more depth, dimension, and a dramatic finish to your buildings and homes without sacrificing top-notch quality, Colorbond® Steel is the right material for you!

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